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Kolpak Coolers and Freezers

Kolpak-Logo_260x59The Express by Kolpak is a totally pre-assembled outdoor walk-in that’s ready to cool when it arrives at your job site. All refrigeration is pre-installed, run and adjusted at the factory and the electrical components are wired to a fused disconnect mounted on the roof of the walk-in. This means that your Express is up and running as soon as an electrical contractor provides power to the disconnect. No refrigeration technician. No plumber. No adjustments.

  • Shipped totally pre-assembled on a Kolpak truck
  • Equipped with Kolpak standard 4″ non-CFC polyurethane insulated wall panels
  • Standard Kolpak wall, floor and ceiling panel construction
  • Membrane roof cap for superior weather protection
  • Sloped roof to keep rain away from adjacent building
  • Kolpak’s Super Door construction has smooth, can-action hinges, flush fit and Posi-Seal design to increase economy of operation
  • Door section includes heated vent on freezer door, 1/8″ rainshield aluminum tread plate for doors not sealed to adjacent building and outside weather-proof cap
  • Drain line from each evaporator completely factory installed and trapped to exterior of walk-in
  • Freezer defrost time clock is mounted inside the weather housing and set to defrost four times per day
  • Kolpak’s tri-action heated vent permits opening and closing of the door with ease
  • Easy-to-read dial thermometer
  • Vapor-proof interior light

The Express is shipped with a 6″ band of 1/8″ aluminum tread plate as a finishing trim around full perimeter of the walk-in, 1/8″ below top surface of roof, and flush with bottom surface of the floor

The Express is erected on 1 1/2″ X 4″ X 3/16″ steel tubing lying on the 4″ side. Runners are mounted 12″ off the long end of the floor panels and at 23″ increments between the outside runners. The steel tubing is drilled through each floor lock and attached by use of a self-tapping screw through the lock

Available in sizes up to 14′ wide by 40′ long by 8’6″ high