Preventive Maintenance

Kensington’s Preventive Maintenance Program

The Preventive Maintenance program includes a through review and cleaning of your equipment, replacing filters which can prolong the life of your equipment and improve the operational efficiency.  Making sure that the thermostats are set correctly will add years to the life of your equipment.  Our trained professionals will ensure that the maintenance is done correctly and that the equipment is operating safely and efficiently.  Kensington Mechanical offers a broad range of maintenance plans to meet your specific needs.  Preventive Maintenance ensures peak performance and provides added assurance.

Here is our preventive maintenance outline:


Roof Top Units

◊ Replacement of all air filters in H.V.A.C equipment
◊ Complete cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils
Blower housing secure, tighten if required
◊ Check proper rotation and condition of fan blades
◊ Greasing of all bearing and motors
Inspect Thermostats, Timers, Relays and Contactors
◊ Replacement of any worn belts
Inspect heat exchangers
◊ Tightening of all electrical connections
Complete leak test
◊ Check ignition systems

Walk in Cooler and Freezer

◊ Inspect and calibrate temperature controls
◊ Set coolers at 35 degrees
◊ Condenser fan operating properly
◊ Clean condenser and evaporator
◊ Inspect all door gaskets and sweeps
◊ Lubricate all hinges and check safety latches
◊ Inspect and calibrate temperature controls
◊ Set freezer at 0 degrees
◊ Check drain heat tape
◊ Clean condensate pan and drain
◊ Check for refrigerant leaks

Ice Machine

Clean condenser coil and filter
Clean pump
Clean and sanitize ice plate with nickel safe cleaner
Check time production cycle
Clean water troughs
Clean distribution tubes
Check water filter for proper operation
Adjust thickness control as required

Kitchen Equipment

Complete cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils
Cleaning of all condensate drains
Tightening of all electrical connections
Inspection of complete exhaust system
Inspect & calibrate all temperature settings on refrigeration
Complete leak test for oils or refrigerant
Inspection of all refrigeration gaskets
Inspection of Make-up air system